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Introducing Rome

We’re excited to announce the first beta release and general availability of the Rome linter for JavaScript and TypeScript.

This is the beginning of an entire suite of tools. Rome is not only linter, but also a compiler, bundler, test runner, and more, for JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, JSON, Markdown, and CSS. We aim to unify the entire frontend development toolchain.

Rome is a monolithic tool containing functionality that has traditionally been separate tools in the frontend ecosystem. We call this a toolchain. It is not a collection of existing tools, but completely custom, built largely from scratch, contained entirely in a single package and codebase.

Rome is designed to replace Babel, ESLint, webpack, Prettier, Jest, and others.

We have significant implementations already for most components, including compiling, bundling, and testing, all using the same core abstractions and internal libraries. Rome is even self-hosted and we use them to build and develop Rome itself! Once usage as a linter has stabilized, we will move onto the unreleased features to prepare and generalize them for public usage.

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